August 3, 2015


What You’ll Find Here:


This site was started in 2005 as an effort to combine my old blog, Confessions of an Indie Filmmaker, with a portfolio combining all of my writing, filmmaking, and musical efforts.  Sort of one-stop-shopping for all things me.  That’s sort of still the case, though these days I’m focused more in deep thoughts—or what aspire to be deep thoughts—in the blog section of the site.  You can, of course, still see some of my more professional writing efforts in the writing section and links to my movie and musical projects in the appropriate sections, but the most oft-updated material is in the blog.

For an overview of my professional achievements, you can check out my resume.

I also founded a website devoted to straight to DVD movies called, naturally,

If you wanna hear my voice, I co-host a podcast with Kevin Smokler called Talking Pictures in which we gab about movies for an hour and another with Kevin and Cariwyl Hebert called the Pick 3 Podcast in which we pick 1 movie, 1 book, and 1 piece of music to commemorate a given holiday.

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