May 3, 2016

Best of SXSW

…well, at least in the time I’ve been there.

Kev and I tried to put together a list of the best SXSW keynotes and here’s what we came up with (links will take you to the actual podcast or video of the keynote where possible).

Malcom Gladwell, ’05
(there’s a little bit of Google video of that here)

Will Wright, ’07

Jane McGonigal, ’08

Although not a keynote, Alex Steffen’s Worldchanging panel from ’07 kicked ass.

Also, any time Bruce Sterling has opened his mouth at one of these things, something fascinating/intelligent/hilarious has usually come out. Here was my first taste.

Finally, neither of us saw Henry Jenkins speak this year, but by most accounts it was the shiznit (here’s Jenkin’s own recap). I can tell you his session from ’07 was off the chain.

Any fellow SXSWies wanna throw in their picks?


  1. Dave C. says:

    This past year’s Worst Website Ever contest, and Battledecks 2, which I didn’t get to see live.

  2. kathryn says:

    Ditto on Henry Jenkins. And don’t forget PostSecret’s presentation by Frank Warren and the marriage proposal!


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