February 8, 2016

The Dark Subtext Rises

Up until now, I’ve been pretty lukewarm about the next Batman movie. Not because of any lack of faith in Chris Nolan. Kind of the opposite. He knocked it so far out of the park on The Dark Knight that I honestly don’t know where he could go from there.

But I forgot something that I really liked about The Dark Knight and that was the simple question of relevance. Among the several things going on in that film is a little taste of terrorist psychology and politics. It makes The Dark Knight feel more vital because it taps into something that was going on at the time (well, still is, but it was a little fresher then).

Now that we finally have a proper The Dark Knight Rises trailer to over-analyze, I’m struck by a similar feeling. This time it looks like Batman vs. the 99%. Or an especially violent subset thereof. I have no idea if that’s actually where Nolan is going with all of this, but if it is, that’s one way to distinguish this chapter in a way that gets it out of the rather large shadow of its immediate predecessor.

So I’m a little more psyched now.


  1. Tim says:

    That’s the feeling I got as well, especially from Anne Hathaway’s lines.
    The question is, how big is the especially violent subset of the 99%? Is it maybe 1 in 50 of them? In that case are they still the 99% or are they now the 1.98%?

  2. David says:

    Only one percent of the 99 percent have 99 percent of the Venom. Occupy Bane’s House!

  3. M-D says:

    I believe Bane put it best when, in the trailer, he said “Mmmmmph phhhhhfh muhhhhum bhhhhhrbph mmmhrh.”

  4. David says:

    Worse yet, when I first saw the trailer, all I heard was “When mmmph mmmph mmmph, you have my permission to die.” What do I have to do die!?

  5. M-D says:

    I dunno, but does it matter? We’re seeing the damn thing, right? They could have done 5 minutes of Michael Caine reading the Greater Los Angeles Yellow Pages, and we’d still be psyched for this movie.

    (Or perhaps worse – 5 minutes of Tom Hardy in the Bane mask reading from the Yellow Pages. “Maaa maaa maaa Muuto mmhhhpair…”)

  6. David says:

    Seriously. How badly do you want a Bane answering machine right now?

    “You have reached Mmmrph. Mamrmm mrphem mpermm pepjfjrpemm. Beeeeeeep!”

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